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Avail from us at best prices Artificial Plants, House Garden Plant, Artificial Garden Plants, Flowering Seeds, Garden Plants and more....

Planting in the soil seeds that upon coming to an age will blossom the arenas placed

A place where zillion plants of diverse variety finds home is Northern Nursery. Like a mother is to a child, we are to our plants. House Garden Plant, Artificial Garden Plants, Flower Plant, Hybrid Plant are some of the many plants which as a commercial nursery grower we propagate adopting several plantation techniques. Trader and manufacturer are the job roles we have embraced to serve needs of wholesale nurseries, commercial gardeners, general public and retailers. The responsibility to take care of the plants and do everything from potting the seedlings to adopting measures for saving plants from weeds, heat and cold, is shared with Mr. Ganga Prasad Pal (Proprietor) by team of our expert professionals.

Nurturing Plants With Care Since 1994

We are fostering a wide impressive line of plants which depending on the nature and type requires different care. Indoor or Outdoor Plants such as House Garden Plant, Artificial Garden Plants, we deal in all. For growing outdoor plants we use open fields and for the indoor ones, shed places. The shed place where indoor plants are kept has proper arrangement for light to pass and adequate measures for ventilation. This allows indoor plants to breathe and maintain freshness. Daily, plants are watered, provided organic fertilizer and medicine to keep insects away. Also, for saving plants from pest and diseases, many preventive measures are taken by us. In addition to plants, we also deal in an enticing collection of Garden Lights, Garden Benches, Garden Gazebo, and more.

Why Trust Us?

Investing money and time on us and our range isn't a loss but profit. Reasons to this are as follows:

  • Excellent Delivery With Good Packaging Service- We do deliveries of well-packaged plants to near and far places well on time.
  • Flexibility In Payment Choices- We're not ignorant of the hassles clients face at the time of payment. To ease such issues, we accept payments through both offline and online modes.
  • Quality Matters To Us- Quality matters to us which is why we serve singularly the best in form of fresh and bright looking plants and other garden products.
  • Promises Are Kept- Here, at our nursery, we keep promises. The nature of promise may vary but the result i.e., 'Fulfillment' is a surety. Quick revert to queries and maintenance of clarity in deals are some of the many promises we live by.